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Winston Churchill’s ‘affair’ with Lady Castlerosse

Winston Churchill did not have an affair with Lady Castlerosse, (as sensationalised in several Sunday newspapers, 25th February 2018).

Although Churchill painted Lady Castlerosse’s portrait, he also painted Coco Chanel’s portrait too, when she was the mistress of the Duke Of Westminster.

It was Winston’s son, Randolph, (not Winston), who had an affair with Lady Castlerosse in the mid-1930s, and it was he who met her at a London hotel during the Second World War, when she was obliged to flee from the US, due to an ‘involvement’ relating to diamonds and currency.

There is also nothing about the portrait of Lady Castlerosse for Sir Winston to be ashamed about as it was published in SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL HIS LIFE AND HIS PAINTINGS by David Combs and Minnie S. Churchill, pub. Ware House, 2011, pages 175 and 177, based on a photograph that was taken, not by Sir Winston, as he is in the photo.  The portrait is also on pages 175 and 177 of the leather bound version, SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL’S LIFE THROUGH HIS PAINTINGS, pub. Pegasus, 2003.

Celia Lee – author of THE CHURCHILLS A Family Portrait, pub. Palgrave Macmillan, New York & London, available in bookshops and over the internet in both hardback and paperback .

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