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Posts published by “Celia Lee”

Winston Churchill’s ‘affair’ with Lady Castlerosse

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Winston Churchill did not have an affair with Lady Castlerosse, (as sensationalised in several Sunday newspapers, 25th February 2018). Although Churchill painted Lady Castlerosse’s portrait, he also painted Coco Chanel’s…

Churchill Conference ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory’

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Celia Lee is speaking on Winston and Jack the Churchill brothers and John Lee is speaking on the American Civil War, at Dr John H. Mather’s Franklin/Nashville Conference, 23rd –…

CLARE MULLEY The Women Who Flew For Hitler

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Clare Mulley will be speaking on THE WOMEN WHO FLEW FOR HITLER that is her latest book, at the Polish Hearth Club, 10th May 2018 -6.30 for 7.00 pm. Please…