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The Churchills

A Family Portrait

Write up about Churchill book published in the London Evening Standard can be found here.

Celia and John Lee, authors of 'The Churchills - A Family Portrait' with Mary, The Lady Soames LG DBE, at the Special Forces Club for the reception for her father the late Sir Winston Churchill’s birthday on Thursday 26th November 2009 (his actual birthday was 30th November).

Sir Winston Churchill’s Birthday Reception

The reception was given by the Churchill Centre.

Sir Max Hastings was the guest speaker and gave a powerful address, homing in on the great achievement of 1940-41.

Mary, the Lady Soames LG DBE, Winston’s only surving child, then aged 87 years, gave the toast.



Russian language version of The Churchills A Family Portrait

By:  Celia and John Lee
Publisher:  AST Moscow; 2014

Translator:  Tatiana Roshupkina

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