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Winston and Jack

The Churchill Brothers’ by Celia and John Lee

Published by Celia Lee

“Winston and Jack – The Churchill Brothers” is the story of the Churchill family; Lord Randolph, Jennie (née Jerome), Winston and John (Jack).  Winston Churchill’s little known brother Jack has been fully integrated into the family history for the first time.  Jack was the brighter of the two brothers, frequently top of his class at school and was Lord Randolph’s favourite son. 

Whilst Winston would surge to world prominence as wartime leader during the Second World War, Jack would fade into obscurity to the extent that most people thought Winston was an only child.  Yet, throughout his lifetime, Jack provided a great deal of support particularly of a financial nature to Winston and their mother.  Celia’s husband John Lee, military historian and co-author of the book has explored the brothers’ military careers.

“Winston and Jack – The Churchill Brothers” published Celia Lee 2009.

Churchill Conference organised by Dr John H Mather

Celia Lee, speaking on “Winston and Jack the Churchill Brothers”, at the International Churchill Society Conference, Franklin, Tennessee, March 2018.  Organiser Dr John H. Mather, President.