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Women in War

Women in War: From Home to Front Line

Foreword by Professor Garry Sheffield
Editors Celia Lee and Paul Edward Strong
Available now from Pen & Sword

Jacket: right Hazel Furney, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF), joined ‘L’, the Aircraft Section RAF Medmenham that kept a continuous watch on enemy aircraft production during the Second World War. Hazel celebrated her 90th birthday in 2011. Left, Constance Babington Smith, Head of ‘L’ Section and whose interpretation of aerial photographs led to the discovery of the German V2 rocket launch sites.

The changing role of women in warfare, a neglected aspect of military history, is the subject of this collection of perceptive, thought-provoking essays. By looking at the wide range of ways in which women have become involved in all the aspects of war, the authors open up this fascinating topic to wider understanding and debate.They discuss how, particularly in the two world wars, women have been increasingly mobilized in all the armed services, originally as support staff, then in intelligence, and defensive combat roles. They consider the tragic story of women as victims of male violence, and how women have often put up a heroic resistance, and they examine how women have been drawn into direct combat roles on an unprecedented level, a trend that is still controversial in the present day. The implications of this radical modern development are explored in depth. The authors also look at the support women have given to servicemen fighting at the front and at the vital contribution they have made at home.The collection brings together the work of noted academics and historians with the wartime experiences of women who have remarkable personal stories to tell. The book will be a milestone in the study of the recent history of the parts women have played in the history of warfare.

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